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-Collaborative Projects-

• NMRHN achieved over over $572,000 in savings for member hospitals during FY 2017- 2018.

• The NMRHN Board consists of the CEO's from each of the member hospitals.  The board meets monthly with half of the meetings in person and the other half via conference call.

• NMRHN offers group purchase contracting, saving member hospitals money.

• NMRHN has put together a salary survey.

• NMRHN facilitates Financial bench-marking.

• NMRHN has several business partners; physician recruiting, insurance services, energy solutions, leadership and management recruiting, and coding/HIM services.  

• The network currently has 13 Peer Network Committees.  Peer Network Committees         hold regular meetings of the Directors and Managers from each of the member hospitals including Lab, HR, IT, Credentialing, Patient Business Directors, HIM (Medical Records), Materials Management, Quality, Compliance Officers, CNOs, CFOs, Risk Managers, and Pharmacy.

• NMRHN offers education opportunities including leadership education, MACRA education, and HIM training.

• Member hospitals  can participate in collaborative projects. 

• NMRHN offers opportunities for working together on the Caravan Health Rural ACO project.

• NMRHN facilitates numerous networking opportunities to share ideas and ask questions, build good relationships among member hospitals, and develop collaborative projects and services to benefit members.  

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