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IT Services

NMRHN has a partnership with Mandry Technology Solutions, LLC (“MTS”), a globally ranked IT managed service organization with locations in Lubbock and Dallas, Texas. MTS offers a full suite of information technology (IT), security, cloud/hosted and business services to clients throughout Texas and New Mexico. Established in 2002, MTS serves a wide range of clients in regulated industries like financial, healthcare, government and professional services.

Coding / HIM Services

NMRHN has a partnership with BBHIMA that provides affordable remote and onsite coding services as well as other HIM services.  

Physician Recruiting Services

NMRHN has an agreement with Medicus, a Physician Recruitment company, that provides discounted pricing to participating hospitals.

Insurance Products

NMRHN has an agreement with HealthSure which is an insurance broker that can help with multiple insurance products.

NMRHN Innovation Partner

NMRHN Innovation solutions services provided through ScaleHealth based in Los Angeles.  They will work with our participating members to better understand your challenges and then they will schedule quarterly presentations with 4-5 companies each quarter (often start-up with new technologies or innovative services).  Participating hospitals will have the opportunity to learn about these new technologies and services and can then follow-up with any of interest.  ScaleHealth can help our rural hospitals to essentially have the services of a Chief Innovation Officer at a much lower cost.—Contact: Robert Plush, (760) 518-3231,  

       New Mexico Health Information Exchange

NMRHN has partnered with Syncronys which runs the Health Information Exchange (HIE) for New Mexico.  Syncronys will help its subscribers to access lots of helpful clinical information available from various organizations from all over the state.  Participating (subscribing) NMRHN hospitals receive a discount on their annual subscription based on the number of participating NMRHN hospitals.—Contact: Terri Stewart, (505) 938-9909,

      NMRHN Interpreter and Translation Services

NMRHN has partnered with Language Line Solutions which offers interpreter services on phone, video or mobile in over 240 languages.  Language Line can also provide document translation services and they can also train your own staff to become certified healthcare interpreters.  Participating NMRHN hospitals receive a GPO discount on pricing for this on-demand service.—Contact: Jean-Paul Jumonville, (831) 648-5820,

Volume Pricing

NMRHN GPO—Partnership with both Premier and Adventist Health System to access excellent national GPO and health system volume pricing.

Leadership Recruiting

NMRHN has an agreement for discounted rates on Leadership recruiting services (on a contingency basis) through Leadership Excellence Solutions based in New Mexico.


Chronic Care Management Services

NMRHN has a partnership with ChartSpan, which is the largest chronic care management (CCM) service provider in the U.S.  They provide a comprehensive set of care services for Medicare beneficiaries across the country.  

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