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Five NMRHN hospitals have joined a rural hospital Accountable Care Organization (ACO) and are participating in the Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP).  During the past three years, these hospitals have gained valuable experience with population health and a greater focus on preventative care for patients.  NMRHN facilitated the evaluation process as the hospitals decided whether to join an ACO.  The network also provided consulting services with Caravan Health to assist the hospitals in establishing their ACO and excelling in a population health model of care.


Opioid ED Education Collaborative

The rural communities of New Mexico are struggling with the challenges associated with properly treating and caring for those individuals with opioid addictions.  There is a cultural stigma associated with helping these addicted patients.  To help remove this cultural stigma and create an improved culture for treating opioid addictions, NMRHN has partnered with Dr. Eric Ketcham and Dr. Cindy Ketcham to provide important education to rural hospital Emergency Department providers and staff.  This project is being funded by the New Mexico Department of Health with the goal of culture change in rural hospital EDs for better treatments and outcomes.

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